KTM Gives Rare Behind-the-Scenes Factory Tour

KTM R&D BuildingFor a motocross racer or motorcycle enthusiast, the sight of a KTM bike ignites a passion for thrills, performance, and conquest. And for good reason: KTM has won over 250 world championships and 15 in a row of the toughest rally in the world, the Dakar Rally, validating its extraordinary level of technical expertise.

During January’s exclusive KTM Design & Technology Media Event 2016, special members of the press received a once-in-a-lifetime peek at the otherwise forbidden department of KTM’s factory: research and development. There in Mattighofen, Austria, the onlookers witnessed how KTM builds motorcycles of such uncompromising function and ability: with tireless dedication to testing, challenging, and rethinking each component of the craft.

For instance, computer screens in one area monitored an 1190 Adventure saddle on a pivot plate to simulate the impacts to the components at speed equal to a 250-hour ride. In another workshop, technicians hooked a 350 SX-F up to sensors and cables to measure acceleration, pressure, and forcing order to transfer them to the test bench for enhanced effectiveness.

“This is an example of the investment made to product development and the direct request made to the CEO for infrastructure,” said Press and PR Guru Thomas Kuttruf. “Most of the budget comes in the back door and ends up here.”

These were just a few of the R&D components that give us a unique glimpse into how KTM is winning races and building a champion reputation with their dedication to research and technical expertise.

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Image: KTM

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